Rock Our World 11: Tolerance

Every culture experiences hate language, threats, vandalism, civil rights violation, religious bias and intolerant dialogue. Words are sometimes used as weapons instead of ways to communicate. But we have the power to make our voice be heard and change the world! We must recognize the seeds of hate so we don't repeat history. No one is too young or weak to make a difference! This round of Rock Our World is going to follow a Challenge Based Learning model. Our big idea is: "The highest form of tolerance is education." -Helen Keller Essential Question: How do we develop tolerance in the hearts of children all over the world? The Challenge: Inspire students to be tolerant of each other and other cultures. We're looking for K-20 classes to join us in this next round! If you are interested, please apply here: * This round will be filmed for a documentary slated to be released mid 2010. It is VERY important that all teachers applying request a release form to be filled out by each teacher and student involved in the project. Write to for more infomation!

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