This season will be very exciting as we will be working with D'Wayne Edwards.  D'Wayne works for Nike as their top designer, in charge of the entire Jordon Brand!  

  D'Wayne will be doing two very special sessions with us.  One on March 11th (evening PST- to accommodate Asia, Austaliasia, Middle East, etc.) and one on March 12th (morning PST- to accommodate North/South America, Europe and Africa).  
  He will be sharing with us how Nike designs shoes... and will be walking our students through the process.  
  We will be holding a shoe-design competition between the following grade levels:  PreK-2, 3-6, 7-9, 10-12, University
  Our curricular focus will be on health and fitness!  Our goal is to give each student a log and calculate all of the miles that they have walked throughout the season.  We want to collectively "Walk Our World"!    

  I was inspired to do this round when I saw the increasing numbers of child obesity.  When I met D'Wayne, it seemed like a perfect union to bring together the two ideas of fitness and shoe design!  

  We have many surprises for you this round!  We are hoping to produce another song again (you can see ROW11 song on YouTube at:   We also have the song available on iTunes at:  

  If you know of any more classes that would like to participate, we are prepared to expand our group and look forward to seeing all of the fantastic kids and schools participate!

  We look forward to receiving your applications!  
  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time!
  Rock On!
  Carol Anne  

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    Carol Anne -

    You're specifically looking for teams from Africa and Asia, right? I suggest doing a search in the member directory for those terms, and you might find some members here that you could approach directly. Good luck!
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