Dear fellow educators: I teach 6th grade geography at a charter school in Massachusetts and I will be teaching a unit this spring on clothing and the global economy. It should focus specifically on China, as we'll be studying their economy. It should also have a local tie-in to a real life issue with an authentic audience. My school recently moved to a new building that is close to the local Target. I'd like to have students read Target's corporate responsibility report and create some kind of educational material for our local community, but here is where I get less clear. I could work with students to analyze the rhetorical strategies used the report, and investigate how honest Target's report is. And/or I could focus on students developing an argument about what it means to be an ethical global citizen when shopping for clothes. Or I could go in a different direction. Can you help me? I am looking for:

--exemplars of similar projects that connect local issues to the global economy****


--recommended reading. I just bought my copy of "The World is Flat" and I've read "Where Am I Wearing" and I know of "Travels of a Tshirt."


Amy B.

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