Shrinking Gaps Before Formal Education


1) Few education standard exists for children before K, regardless countries. For example, US Common Core standard deals with kids after 5. Kindergartens in China, although starting at 3 years old, are not directly under the control of Ministry of Education.

2) Children start kindergarten at very inconsistent levels. What shall the child be prepared before starting school? Shall the child recognize all the letters and count till 10 and know he/she is part of the universe?

3) Unprepared children will obvious have trouble building their self-confidence or love school because, without teacher mentioning,  they see they are lagging behind their little friends.

4) Many young children spend their time with parents, relatives, nannies, home based daycare centers where there is no requirement for children's intellectual development. So the "Windows of Opportunities" as per developmental scientists are largely missed

Proposed Solution:

Home and daycare centers shall be regulated, submit to educational standards, preparing children through real-life learning experience for school readiness. As such, their path to school is leveled and their chance to succeed maximized.

With the computers, tablets and other mobile devices such as smart phones becoming popular, it takes only a few hundred dollar investment to cover 4 to 5 years of preschool learning, in other words, at about hundred dollar per year, this is much smaller investment compared to when the child grows into adulthood.

Government and corporations can change millions people's life by implementing standards, raising awareness of the importance of early childhood education and by providing low cost computer equipment and learning software which are built according to a standard.

Education starts when the child is born. If it starts only when school starts, chances are it's too late.

Dr. Dan Yang

Rullingnet Corporation

Co-presenter: Sarah Cowan

Country from Which You Will Present: Canada

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience (such as primary school teachers, high school administrators, students, etc.): Policy makers, primary and kindergarten teachers and administrators

Short Session Description (one line): Shrinking Gaps Before Formal Education

Full Session Description (one paragraph minimum):

Due to the fact young children start school at very unpredictable and inconsistent knowledge level causing learning gaps which become only wider with the increase of grades, we propose an early learning standard to be implemented for toddlers and preschoolers in order to level their path to school success. At a cost of about hundred dollar a year, computers, tablets and mobile devices can assist families to help their children to lay a foundation of knowledge informally which increases gradually with the child growing up till the school time. VINCI preschool learning curriculum is an example of our tentative effort in establishing such standard.

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  • Co-Chair

    Hello and thanks for your submission! 

    I have a couple of questions regarding your proposal. First, are you representing a corporation? For profit groups need to be sponsors of the conference in order to present. If you are a non-profit, you can present, but I need to see additional language that ties to our conference mission: We are not a general education conference. And finally, if you are a non-profit and want to edit your proposal to include more ties to global collaboration, then make sure you also tag your proposal according to the directions in our call for proposals.


    Lucy Gray

    • Hi Lucy, I thought it's a global conference and any educator can make proposals. In other words I'm making the proposal as a creator of learning tools but not necessarily representing a corporation profit or non-profit.

      Global collaboration in the case of my proposal was exactly proposed to set up a global standard in order to shrink gaps among kids who start school. Pediatricians collaborated globally to propose to new moms that breast feeding is the best way to raise babies. Why can't we collaborate globally to set a standard to raise awareness of the importance about preparing children for schools?

      Best regards,


      • Co-Chair

        Hi Dan -

        I hope you've taken time to read the call for proposals and our mission statement. Both pages cover our policy towards commercial entities and regarding the content we are seeking for the conference. In order to attract attendees to your session, we strongly suggest that you elaborate on the global connections in your proposal. We are not a general education conference, nor an ICT conference, and we've tried to make this very clear in our documentation. 

        Our Mission

        Call for Proposals

        Also, in your proposal, you indicate that you are with Rullingnet Corporation. If you are presenting on behalf of a for profit company, the company must be a sponsor or you may apply to the special GETideas strand which is geared towards ed tech start ups mostly: Innovation Perspectives with GETideas. If you want to present independent of a company, please remove the reference to Rullingnet Corporation. We believe that corporate interests should support a free event for educators if they are going to participate.

        Finally, as we've outlined in the call for proposals, we need the proposal to be tagged with special tags associated with the conference strand you've chosen for your proposal. When you are editing, please add these in the tag field after your proposal.

        To edit your proposal, please go to the OPTIONS button in the upper righthand corner of this page, and edit the discussion. Make sure to save any changes.

        I really appreciate your attention to these matters and effort you've put forth.


        Lucy Gray

        • Sorry Lucy. As a new member it takes time to get familiar with everything. As the time is running out while I'm typing I have to abandon it. But next year I'll be an expert at submitting easy-to-review proposals. Thanks for your patience!


          • Co-Chair

            No need to apologize... we try to make things clear, but it's not always obvious! If you want to take a day or two to revise, let me know. We'd rather be inclusive rather than exclusive, but we do have some guidelines that we like to adhere to.


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