Your Name and Title: Terry Eberhart, Executive Director – Social Media Global Education Connection Project


School or Organization Name: Social Media Club


Co-Presenter Name(s):


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Upstate NY, USA


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): Post Secondary Educators – Worldwide


Short Session Description (one line):

Establishing a Global Network of Education Chapters for Developing Social Media and Digital Literacy via Sharing, Exposure and Collaboration.



Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

The Social Media Club is looking to establish a global network of Education Chapters. Each chapter will be based on a campus and operated by faculty, staff, and administrators. Students may also join these chapters. The overarching goal is facilitating social media and digital literacy. This is accomplished both at the campus level and in conjunction with the worldwide SMC network, including student and professional chapters.  SMC will be facilitating dialogue, sharing, discussions, presentation and networking on various major common platforms as well as the group’s website. Each channel/platform is open to members worldwide to facilitate global collaboration and sharing.

Part of this literacy includes developing a global perspective via interactions, projects and dialogues with other chapters (and hence cultures) around the world.  Chapter activities often include participation of the greater campus communities.

We will also discuss how to start a Social Media Club Education Chapter on your campus.



Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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  • Co-Chair
    Thanks for your submission to present at the 2011 Global Education Conference. Your proposal looks promising, but could benefit from some additional language that ties your work to the conference theme of global collaboration. Your proposed session may imply global collaborations and connections, but we need to see more explanation of how your work ties into our mission. The conference seeks to present ideas, examples and initiatives related to connecting educators and classrooms around the world with an emphasis on promoting global awareness and instilling global competency in students. This is not a general education conference nor a technology conference. Please review your submission and adjust accordingly, so that participants clearly understand how your work fits into the mission of the conference.
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