Hi , 

  I am an English teacher from Brazil and Would like to try a collaboration project with students of a public school.The problem is : they do not speak English. I would be able to be a translator when they connect. Would it be a problem ? 

   Thanks in advance ! 

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  • Hello! Samantha

    I teach at a high school in Kansas, USA. We would like to collaborate and share SDG Awareness poster with you and your class.  

    We have been collecting plastic bags and turning them into ropes.  Would your students like to join us in our efforts?


  • Hello! Samantha

    I teach at Topeka High School in Topeka, KS.  I teach ELLs in my Culinary Courses and Nutrition and Wellness classes. In many of my classes, I have students that speak Spanish, I am not sure if they will understand Portuguese. We would like to collaborate with you and your students. I have used Skype and Google Hangouts in the past to connect with students from South America.

    We would like to send your students a poster promoting Sustainable Development Goals.  We are looking for another country to help us promote SDGs. 

    We have been recycling plastic bags into jump ropes and ropes for fun activities.   Would you like to join us in our efforts?

    Let me know.



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