Subtitling for Literacy!

            Same-Language-Subtitling (SLS) is the simple idea of subtitling the lyrics of musical videos in the same language in which they are sung. Call it 'Broadway Karaoke', or 'MTV Karaoke', or in India --Bollywood for mass reading!  A deceptively simple innovation, SLS is already delivering regular and inescapable reading practice to 150 million progressing-readers in India and around the world.




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Subtitling for Literacy

Same Language Subtitling is the simple idea of adding subtitling to musical videos for reading and literacy. 'Broadway or MTV Karaoke for mass reading practice. Add dynamic subtitling to all video media!

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  Further explanations and morestudent made sample videos




    What is the difference betweenClosed Captioning and Dynamic Subtitling?






    How can this be used to impact reading? See research andclassroom usage 




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