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FYI, the upcoming webinar will be held at 7 PM Central Time in the U.S. I'm basing this on my location, which is Chicago, Illinois or GMT-6 if you are at time zones around the world. Here are a couple of resources for you to help you figure out time zone differences. It can be quite tricky and I didn't get a great sense of time zones until I traveled to Singapore last year! ( I'm in the U.S.A - Chicago if that helps) Other tips that I mentioned previously: 1) If you are on a Mac, make multiple clocks in your Dashboard and set them to different cities around the world. This gives you a nice visual if you need that to figure out times. 2) To find out the time in another city immediately, go to Google and type in something like [time Paris France] without the brackets. If your computer's time is accurately set to your time zone, you'll see what time it is in your chosen city and country. 3) If you have an iGoogle start page as part of your Google account, you add go to the Add Stuff link and search for gadgets to add to your start page. Search for time, and you'll find a slew of clocks including one called World Clocks. You can use this gadget or set up multiple individual clocks for different time zones to replicate the idea I mentioned in suggestion #1. Anyone else have ideas for getting a handle on time zones??? Post them here in the comments!!

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