Training and Camp in Togo

Are you students, and are you seeking for educational training or going on international solidarity youth camps with foreign association?

Togolese humanitarian association « Pour un Avenir Ensoleillé » ‘’For sun light future’’ (constitution paper register of declaration  N° 0369 du MAT DCL-SG-DAPOC / published in Togo republic newspaper N° 16 quart of Mai16, 2009) offer you this opportunity.

It is valuable from September, 2012 to August, 2013 and covers the follows actions fields: Environment; Education; Communication and Health.



Period of training: January to June and September to December

-          Waste management (4th edition of ‘’From the way to ecologic Togo’’ project) ;

-          Paper recycling to light charcoal and plastics bag recycling ;

-          Reforest, biodiversity and climates changes;

-          Neighborhood, streets and coastline clean ;

-          Statistics survey and business plan of the built of plastics bags transformation on urban pave unit.



Period of training: January to July and August to December

-          Redynamisation of center activity ;

-          Insertion of volunteers teachers in rural or urban schools;

-          Educational projects (‘’read in festival, …) for childs and youth of neighborhood ;

-          Workshop animation of read, poetry, debate, radio emission, folk dance, theaters, school support, organization of show, music percussion and games ;

-          Workshop animation of traditional art ;

-          Heard and Council youth center animation.

Information of the center on


Period of training: January to June and August to December

-          Start-up of communication strategy of association ;

-          Communication  around cultural center and association projects : Seeking of fundraising and partners ; creation and organization of activities and show ;

-          Insertion of training to communication society in Togo ;

-          Organization and animation of emissions with Childs and youths.



Period of training: January to July and August to December

-          Training offer for nurse students of nurse institute (IFSI) in rural and urban health center;

-          Editing, organization, management and continuous of sensitize projects on Sexuality Responsible, fever and HIV/AIDS ;

-          Insertion volunteer nurses in rural medical center.





Period: December, March and July - August

1-      ‘’Child Christmas, games or party activities of child + child gifts’’. From December 16 to 27, 2012 in the village of AGBELOUVE (40km of the capital city Lomé in Zio district).

2-      ‘Child Easter + games + reforest’’. From march 21 to April 3, 2013 in Kpalimé, village of Kouma Tsamé-Totsi (135 km of Lomé).

3-      ‘’Rehabilitate and building school class + games + conversion of rural way or street of 3km’’. From July 14 to August 11, 2013 in the village of AGBELOUVE (40km of the capital city Lomé in Zio district).

4-       ‘’Building of read and cultural center + School support and games with child’’. From July 28 to August 25, 2013 in the village of Yadè (215km of Lomé Amou district).

5-      ‘’Sanitary (Building of clinic or mobile clinic actions through the village)’’. From August 4 to 1st September, 2013 in the village of Yadè (215km of Lomé Amou district).




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