Dear GEC Members,

First, our hearts go out to educators and families impacted by the war in Ukraine. We invite members and organizations to share stories, teaching materials and resources, and/or ways to help in our discussion forum. Our community wants to support. 

As mentioned in previous emails, Dr. William Rankin and I are in the process of redesigning and reviving the Global Education Conference Network. Read more about this work here and consider offering your input via this survey. We want to hear from you. We've already had several exciting conversations with organization leaders and are looking forward to new collaborations!

Over the next few weeks, you will see changes to our site and social media accounts as we start to evolve into our new brand, Actionable Innovations Global. In the meantime, there are a few events coming up that you may find interesting.

  • On Thursday, March 17 at 8 PM EDT (GMT-4), the Asia Society's #globaledchat will take place on Twitter and the topic will be Democracy and Civics. A simultaneous conversation will happen in Twitter Spaces led by Lottie Dowling of Meg. Heather Singmaster of the Asia Society and I will be co-leading the text discussion on Twitter. (Here's a quick tutorial on Twitter Chats if you are new to the concept.)

  • Coincidentally, #AppleEDULeaderChat will take place immediately after from 9 PM EDT to 9:30 PM EDT and the topic this week is "How do you lead with a global mindset?". 

  • Actionable Innovations is hosting a series of talks with innovators every Friday at 2 PM EDT. Our next one is March 25 with the CEO of a Chicago workforce development program called i.c. stars. Other future speakers include students from Marymount School of New York and Michael Furdyk of TakingITGlobal. Please join us for these free events!

Thanks again for your support,

Lucy Gray

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