Dear GEC Presenters -

Here's my update for today.... to review previous updates and for other very important information, make sure to visit the presenter's group that is linked on the front page of our website in several places:

-Edits to proposals not yet accepted will not longer be accepted. The call for proposals ended last night at 7 PM PST. The call for proposals for our next conference will open up in August 2017. 

-The most essential and important thing that you can do today is to attend our live training session which is at 3 PM ET in the training room. If you are unable to attend, you MUST review the training video on our training page: If you ignore our advice, you may run into difficulties.

If you have not booked your session yet, please do so immediately. People are perusing the schedule and choosing sessions to attend. Your session is not on the schedule until you book it as per the instructions I sent to you upon acceptance. 

-The schedule page is accessible to only GEC members right now. People must join our community in order to see it. Tomorrow, we'll open the schedule page up so that you do not have to be logged in to see it.

-I've been monitoring Twitter, and it's great to see all the tweets that are coming from presenters promoting their sessions! Keep it up! I'll retweet you if you use the hashtag #globaled16 or mention our Twitter handle @GlobalEdCon. We have graphics, logos and text that you can use in this publicity document:

- We are in dire need to volunteer moderators, particularly during overnight hours in the US. Please consider joining our volunteer group and signing up for a shift:

If you have questions, here is where you should ask them in this order AFTER you have reviewed the presenter's checklist and other documentation: 1. Ask in the front page chatroom.  2. Ask in the presenter's group. 3. Email us if you get no response from 1 or 2. We are not always be available to respond quickly.

Thanks, and we're looking forward to seeing you online starting in about 24 hours! 

Lucy Gray

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