What's For Breakfast? Project

Our middle school social studies teacher is starting a project aimed at gathering information about breakfast foods in various countries and then analyzing that information for cultural significance. Here's her goal statement: The goal of this project is to collect as many primary source accounts of breakfast from around the world as possible. Our objective is to have a truly international, global, authentic collaboration with as many countries as possible from all socioeconomic backgrounds in order to educate ourselves and eachother about the realities of global economics starting with something as conceivably simple as breakfast. If you would like to participate (on a single response per whole-class basis, please), please visit http://4breakfast.pbwiki.com/FrontPage and either add your information to the page called "Breakfast Data" or if you'd really like to get into the project, you can create a page for your class on the wiki to post pictures, videos and recipies or more!

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