Dear Global Education Conference Presenters, Volunteers, and Attendees,


Thank you so much for participating in the 2015 Global Education Conference! We are very proud of how the Global Education Conference Network unites for this special event every year. Professional generosity makes the world go around, and our community members demonstrate this during conference week by sharing expertise, moderating conference sessions and supporting those new to fostering global connections in education. We are particularly grateful to our sponsors, including TES, VIF International Education, and iEARN USA.


Here are a few imporant reminders to wrap up our main conference:


  • All session recordings in MP3, MP4 and BbC formats are available here: List of Recordings. These recordings are licensed to be used freely under a Creative Commons license. Presenters, feel free to re-purpose your recordings by uploading them to services such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and TES.

  • Keynote presentations are also available in YouTube: GlobalEdCon YouTube Channel

  • If you need to document your participation, we are offering badges and certificates. Request these by January 31, 2016. This is a firm deadline.

  • Please contribute to this collaborative slide deck. This purpose of this is to crowdsource a slide deck that we can all use within our schools and communities to spread awareness of the need to develop global competency in students. Add a quote, idea or resource!

  • If you are looking for additional global education resources, check out our Evernote notebook that contains bookmarked resources: Global Resources .

  • We are considering a travel program and would like your input on the feasibility of this idea. If interested, please respond to this survey by January 31, 2016: Travel Survey.

We are planning more events to keep global conversations going. Look for announcements in January about our new GlobaEd.TV webinar series and Global Education Leadership Week which will take place during the last week in April 2016. And, we’ll be back at the International Society for Technology Conference (ISTE) to host Global Education Day at the end of June. If your company or organization is interested in being highlighted during these events, please contact Steve Hargadon at for additional details. We are currently seeking support for our spring/summer events.


Again, our sincere thanks for the continuing to support our conference through attending, presenting, and volunteering at the Global Education Conference.


Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon

Conference Co-Chairs

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  • Co-Chair

    I will be taking care of this after the deadline for requests on January 31. See the email I sent to the community this week.


    • Thanks a lot for sending the certificates for GEC2015

  • thanks Lucy. Could someone approve my badge request here please? 

    • sorry Lucy, just reread message and will leave it all with you intil after 31st Jan deadline. 

  • Hi:

    It was told that we are going to recive an e mail with the link with contein our certificate. What happen with this?? or is just me.

    I hope you can help me


    • Co-Chair

      Please re-read the post above. Requests are due by January 31. Information is also posted on our front page. 

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