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English, some Spanish, some Japanese



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Anna Batchelder is CEO and Founder of Bon Education. With experience leading education product development, professional development and online community initiatives for leading academic institutions and companies including the UAE Ministry of Education, the International Society for Technology and Education, Wireless Generation, SchoolNet, Columbia University, Kaplan and ECC Foreign Language Institute (Japan), she is passionate about improving education for all and developing technology solutions that significantly improve learning and access to educational resources. Anna has hosted numerous workshops on how to incorporate technology tools into the classroom across the Middle East, North America and Caribbean. Anna holds an MA in Comparative and International Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, a BA in Economics from the College of William and Mary and is a former English teacher (Osaka, Japan). She is also co-creator of the e-book series for families with global curiosity, "The Adventures of BB and Sam" (www.BBandSam.com).

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Bon Digital Learning Academy, Mom 2.0, Curriki, Middle East Digital Literacy Projects