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I saw the article on Tics en el Aula (Jennifer Verschoor and Rita Zeintejer) so Jennifer suggested me presenting here. I also presented at #RSCON4 so Shelly Sanchez Terrell, who invited me to present there, advised me to do it here too! My name is Fabiana Laura Casella. I am a passionate English teacher from Argentina, blessed mother of two angels God sent us and very interested in music, literature, history, education, psychology and being a connected educator. In 1989 I got my Bachelor´s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Since 1987 I have always worked at the same school: I first taught 6th grade but soon switched to teach Secondary School during the afternoons. I have taught EFL in many possible ways, f2f, online, to children, teenagers, adults, very early in the mornings and very late in the evenings. Soon after my first son was born, we moved to the United States where I taught ESL and Spanish in High School and Middle School. That really was the turning point in my teaching career: it opened my mind to a different world, I became even more curious and interested in using technology in the classroom, to try different types of teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, do research, attend conferences, seminars, lectures, and by watching classes, being observed by peers, mentors, coordinators and administrators helped me grow as an educator: I developed into an even more flexible, adaptable, knowledgeable, empathetic educator who cares directly from the heart. Coming back to my home country changed me forever: I realized I never wanted to be just a teacher anymore: I felt I needed to grow more and more every day. Get connected, be in touch with others, not only teach but learn new things, review things I had studied before, and work really hard on my PD and my PLN are now my goals. Although there was a time I was not very sure to open an account on any website and be exposed, I was finally convinced by the experts: So now I am all along Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Skype and I have recently begun blogging. Gmail: fabianacasella@gmail.com Twitter: @FLCasella Skype: fabianna.casella Blogger: all4efl.blogspot.com.ar

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30 Goals Challenge for Educators #RSCON4 We´re on the Air Skype in the classroom (coming next)

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  • Hola amiga :)

  • Hola Fabiana ! Gracias, también te felicito por estar aquí, Suerte !

  • Hi, Fabiana! It´s so good to see you here! And I am also thrilled to see that my friend Maria Bossa is also here as well! I´ve followed you on Twitter so that we have multiple connections,:)  I think that your presentation is going to be very interesting I will certainly be there! See you around!

  • Hi dear!! It's so nice to be connected with you here, too! 
    Smiles, Maria :)

  • Hi Fabiana. Thanks for your words. You are presenting too!! Hope I can attend your presentation, sounds it was a wonderful experience. 

  • Hi. We are everywhere. We are global network wanderers, aren´t we?

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