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Spanish and English

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I'm an EFL teacher from Argentina, I have taught English to different age groups and I am interested in the use of technology in the classroom and how it fosters worldwide collaboration.

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  • Hello Graciana,


    I’m new to the Globaled Conference so I just found your posting. As an educational consultant and author of young adult adventures, my overarching interest is to motive, excite, and introduce middle school students to the world at large.


    Currently there are several schools that are using my book, The Kid Who Beat Wall Street and Saved Africa, as a vehicle for classroom discussions. Some have asked me to put them in touch with others schools where their own students might have the opportunity to dialogue about big social issues affecting young people in developing countries: hunger, lack clean water and medicine, to the need for physical safety, just to name a few.


    I was wondering if this would interest you?


    My contact information is:


    Ginger Heller



    All the best,



    P.S. I will be presenting at Globaled 2015 on November 18th at 8 PM Eastern time.



  • Oops! I accidentally friend requested you as well! As I said earlier in my previous message I'm new to this and trying to figure out how this site works!

  • Hey Graciana! I'm an assistant principal of a middle school and new to Global Ed Conf so I figured I'd try to reach out to an educator overseas to say hello! So hello!

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