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I am a second grade teacher very interested in structuring my curriculum around global collaborations. I'm looking for like minded people looking to help or enhance our study of community.

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  • Dear Jeff
    thanks so much, I already send items via your email address.

    Thanks and God bless you

  • Sounds good. I added you to my contacts on Skype. My Skype user name is jmkcoyle.
  • Hi Jeff,
    Let's try for Friday. Maybe without your class would be better since it's my first time using skype and although I don't anticipate any technical difficulties you never know.
  • Hi Jeff,
    Which ever is better for you. We haven't started school yet. The students will start next Wednesday. Unfortunately my schedule is very limited this week because of my summer job. I will be in my classroom this Friday(as long as the hurricane doesn't wash us away. Maybe we can get in touch then. My co-teacher will also be there. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks
  • Thanks Jeff

    God bless you

  • Hey Jeff,

    I just set up a skype account, haven't used it yet but would be great to try. Let me know when you are available. Thanks!
  • Hi Jeff, I'm a second grade teacher from Long Island, NY. I would be interested in collaborating with your classes on a community project. :) -Jen C.
  • Welcome aboard, Jeff. I grew up in and around St. Louis; graduated in 1969 from Pattonville High School in Maryland Heights.
  • Thanks. I emailed her.
  • Hi Jeff

    Great, our students come back at the end of September so will get back to you shortly after that.
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