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WIDA @ University of Wisconsin-Madison

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teacher, non-profit employee, college or university staff

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English, Greek, Turkish, Chinese



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I am the WIDA International Program Director and guide the research, development, and implementation of WIDA resources to support multilingual learners in international schools. I believe that schools can be collaborative and integrated learning environments where all students thrive and all teachers grow. When educators inquire together, we model the 21st century learning skills we hope to develop in our students. With both structural and cultural support for collaboration, schools can engage learners in the core curriculum while developing essential academic language and literacy skills. As teachers we must also be learners. In thriving learning communities, co-planning, co-teaching and co-assessing provide valuable opportunities not only to ignite student learning but also to fuel teacher growth. When teachers work together, this experiential and transformative professional learning helps us develop new skills and see our own teaching in a new way. I have more than 25 years as a teacher leader in international schools in China, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Turkey, and Thailand. I have presented at AAIE, AASSA, ACAMIS, AISA, EARCOS, ECIS, ELLSA, Learning Forward, NFI, NESA and TESOL conferences, and have taught graduate seminars at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Tibet University. I have published in the Journal of Staff Development, International Schools Journal, Language Magazine, and Educational Leadership. I am the co-editor of the book Integrating Language and Content (TESOL 2010).

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

Supporting WIDA International School Consortium - a global network of 500 schools.