Boston, MA

School or Organization:

Global STEM Education Center, Inc.

I am a:

non-profit employee, parent, consultant, entrepreneur

Languages spoken:

English Russian Bashkirian



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Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

Connecting with like-minded innovative educators around the world Sharing the information about Global STEM Education Center, Inc. and our Global STEM Classroom programs. Developing new global partnerships

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

NASA Space Exploration projects (NASA GRACE Mission, NASA MARS Mission, NASA Astronomy & Virtual Observatory) NASA International Space Station (Electrical Wiring, Hydrology and Food Science) NASA Globe (Clean Air, Clean Water, NASA Data/Data Visualization; Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Climate Change) My Blue Planet & Global Citizenship (Clean Water Projects, UN Sustainability Development Goals, Global Citizenship Project) Data visualization (based on IBM Data Visualization and based on NASA GRACE) Global Collaboration & Global Communication technology (comparative analysis) Wind turbine design and 3D printing Nanotechnology applications Minecraft (computer gaming) in studying science (Minecraft and Space Exploration; Minecraft and Arctic Research) Automotive Engineering projects Material Science projects Artificial Intelligence, BIG DATA, Data Science, Machine Learning