Oskaloosa, Iowa

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William Penn University

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college or university professor

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Dr. Michael Johnston has been a part of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division since 2013. He appreciates the exchange of information in a classroom environment, and believes that when students are engaged in discussion, professors value the feedback they are given by those students. Dr. Johnston encourages his students to resist assumptions, statements, and beliefs; rethink the very essence of, and to evaluate, human interactions with society and institutions; and evaluate and denaturalize commonsensical ways of thought and uncover how the construction of societal norms is linked to social position. He uses a variety of learning tools to aid in students’ understanding on societal institutions. He has given assignments ranging from the use of geographic information services (GIS) data to writing a marriage contract. Some of his areas of specialization are criminology, social problems, qualitative methods, juvenile delinquency, and marriage.