Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes

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Languages spoken:

Spanish, English, French, German

Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

Since I was little, I always enjoyed helping others, and has always made me happy. I realized that the more languages I spoke, the more people I could help. And now, having the opportunity to talk to people from other parts of the world, helping my own country, and speaking up for gender equality and women empowerment, feels me with joy! Joining the GEC will give me the opportunity to speak to many around the world and share the steps and examples to make projects in local communities supporting girl´s empowerment, gender equality, and equality education.

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

In celebration of this year’s International Day of the Girl, we decided to build a project in partnership with Know My World to celebrate the amazing skills and leadership of girls in one of our local orphanages. All the young girls were given the opportunity to participate in activities that encouraged their leadership. They were given workshops in motivation and goal seeking. At the beginning, girls were asked to draw, write, or tell us their life goals/dreams, and by the end of the day they knew what steps they must take to get to their dreams. Most importantly, they had a plan about how to make their dream a reality day-by-day. We also gave workshops on the SDG at our school, invited entrepreneur and business women to give talks about Women´s Economic Empowerment in the changing world of work, and I gave a speech about the importance of reaching Gender Equality. After the activities, students were asked to answer some questions and make certain plans of action to help with it. They were also invited to donate school supplies for the orphanage we visited for the Day of the Girl. We made activities that empowered young girls, and motivated them to follow and achieve their dreams. I brought entrepreneurs and businesswomen to talk to my generation about their experience in the world of work as women. We researched the current situations regarding gender inequality in order to create infographics, and are willing and motivated to continue learning from these types of projects. Working on a collaborative project of this type was a unique experience. Not only did my team give support, they also participated very actively during both the planning and performance. Teamwork was a key tool for this project because of the amount of tasks we wanted to have done. Through our collaborative efforts, we reached more than 2,700 people.

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