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non-profit employee

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Program Director/Educator of a Global Education program. I utilize multi-points video-conference technology, Skype, and other internet technologies to give schools, students, youth organizations, educators, and communities around the world the opportunity to share ideas on topics that promote cross-cultural understanding and global development.

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Global Education Gateway (GEG)

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  • Bonjour, je serais heureux de collaborer avec vous et partager la culture de mon pays" la Côte d'Ivoire ".

    Hello, i'm living in west Africa( ivory coast).

  • Hi Phil,

    I am interested in starting a project that would link classes from all of the continents. How would I go about doing this? Any suggestions?

  • Hi Phil,

    What is your role in your school?  I am a technology integration Specialist, so I help teachers to wisely and effectively use technology in their classrooms.

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