Acworth, GA

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Kennesaw State University - iTeach

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college or university staff, consultant

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Specializing in classroom technology integration, Wagener’s classroom presents itself as a model for modern educators. By seamlessly integrating interactive resources and digital media, Mr. Wagener believes that his classroom will not be one of limitation, but rather of boundless opportunity. His passion lies in the challenge of preparing digital citizens for the 21st-century, while motivating students to become lifelong learners. Currently, Mr. Wagener is a nationally recognized PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator, an Edmodo Certified Trainer and Support Ambassador, and Nearpod PioNear. In addition, Wagener has presented at ISTE 2016, EdmodoCon 2015, IETC 2015, and T21CON 2015

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

1)International Collaborative Project - Canadian-American Collaboration 2) International Collaborative Project - South Korean-American Collaboration 3) International Collaborative Project - Scottish-American Collaboration International Collaborative Projects Scheduled for 2017: Malaysia, China, and Australia