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I have had the pleasure of studying all across the Northern Hemisphere and I really appreciated the multiple dimensions that such wide variety of learning had added to my personality. Managing an Internationalization Strategy and International Education firm and being involved with the management of a High School in Delhi, India; I am keenly pursuing global collaboration on pedagogical methods, while keeping the local context in mind. I wanted to be a part of GEC and it comes across as a phenomenal platform that can enable me to begin the process of realizing this vision.

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  • Dear Raghavv,

    Thank you for connecting and explaining a little bit of what you do. I am curious to learn more about your role within an Internationalization Strategy and International Education firm  - this sounds incredibly exciting and certainly something we may link together within. Also, the involvement you have within a High School in Delhi may open you up to the interest in becoming a member of ThoughtBox and our growing Global School network.

    The core premise of ThoughtBox is to allow students to see the world with a more critical mind, to encourage cross-cultural learning, critical thinking and empathy building. Each month a curriculum is released on a global topic, encouraging students to think outside of the box, and to develop questions about their own views and acceptance on what is happening (or not happening) in relation to the topic. We cover topics such as Homelessness, Refugees, Happiness, Faith, Social Media.

    We are also developing mechanisms to allow students from different schools/communities/cultures to interact, learning from each other and sharing questions and thoughts - primarily at this stage through our Global Thinking platform, but this is something we are hoping to expand in the future (we are a very new venture, having started just one year ago).

    We work with a wide range of schools across the UK, Tanzania, South Africa, India (one so far!) and the US. We would love to welcome you in some capacity - and I would love to learn more about the work that you are doing and whether there is any collaboration we can come together on.

    The ThoughtBox website explores in detail what we are doing this end: www.thoughtboxeducation.com - perhaps take a look around and see what you think, and let me know how we might start a conversation!

    I look forward to hearing from you - many thanks for getting in touch.
    With all good wishes,
    Rachel Musson

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