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I am interested in connecting to more classrooms world wide. I teach a survey of world cultural geography, doing units on Australia, India & South Asia, China, Japan & SE Asia, Africa, Mexico, Central and South America and Europe. One of the goals of my course is to teach students how people around the world are similar and uniquely different.

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Pen pals with similar-aged students in Australian classrooms Various Skype interactions with teachers, classrooms, in China, Tanzania,

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  • Hi Will, I'm in Sydney Australia and about to start a unit on national parks ( with a group if 10 year olds). This may fit into your geography focus. I'm sure our kids would be keen to hear about any national parks in your region, likewise we can share what our geographical region is like. Drop me a message if you are keen. Regards Jed
  • Hi Will,

    it sounds great. I recently found out that I will mainly be teaching 10th grade (that is 15-16 year-olds) but since I will be teaching English and one of the competences the students should develop is the understanding of cultural differences (and likes) to Norway and English speaking countries I think it would be a great idea to cooperate in some way. I'll be happy to hear from you again!



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