Meet Canadian educator and entrepreneur Leigh Cassell and learn more about her portfolio of fascinating projects.

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 is a professional learning community in which participants explore innovation in education. Every Friday we meet to discuss trends in education and invite inspiring guests to join us and share their work. Parents, educators, students, and other folks interested in improving teaching and learning are always welcome.

On Wednesday, June 15th at 7 PM CDT, Lucy Gray will interview Leigh Cassell about her work as a teacher and as an entrepreneur. We will learn more about the Digital Human Library and her other projects that support globally connected teaching and learning.

Leigh Cassell is an educator, adventurer, entrepreneur, and partner in learning with teachers, students, businesses, and NGOs around the world. Leigh is an Education and Innovation Consultant, and CEO and Founder at Digital Human Library. Leigh is a dynamic influencer and reflective practitioner, highly skilled in building networked learning communities in ways that facilitate relationships for learning, cultivate emotional intelligence and nurture leadership in education. Leigh has received the highest level of awards from the Ontario Public School Board Association, the Ontario Library Association, and the Ontario Teachers Federation, and she has been recognized internationally by Apple, Microsoft, and Google for her innovation in education.

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