Meet the CEO of Global Nomads Group and learn about their design process and educational programs for youth.

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On Monday, May 16th at 8 AM CDT, the CEO of Global Nomads Group (, Courtney Welsh will give us an update about her organization's initiatives and will also share thoughts on the widening intergenerational gulf between educators and teens and specifically, on how GNG is working to empower youth in the learning design process.

The ways in which the two groups engage in the world are vastly different - from how they interact with others to how they access information to how they learn and make meaning of complex global issues. In classrooms, content created by textbook publishers is the main driver of information and learning. Outside of the classroom, social media platforms provide vast amounts of information and learning to our youth. Global Nomads’ network of youth tells us that school-based textbooks can feel stale and outdated and social media places them in “filter bubbles” where the content is determined by algorithms. With youth as our guides, we leverage the rigor of textbooks and the dynamism of social media, forming a youth-driven learning design that bridges the gulf between educators and their students.

Courtney is a seasoned leader in the public and nonprofit sectors. She was a founding member and Chief Operating Officer of the NYC Leadership Academy and has consulted for organizations such as the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and the Aspen Institute. Courtney holds a M.Ed. from Harvard University and an executive-level certificate from Columbia Graduate School of Business.

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