Meet Heather Singmaster of the Center for Global Education at the Asia Society and learn more about her work promoting global competence.

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On June 24th, we will welcome Heather Singmaster as our featured guest. Heather Singmaster is Director for CTE and GCEN, Center for Global Education at the Asia Society where her work focuses on international best practices and integrating global competence into Career Technical Education (CTE) programs as well as state and national policy. Heather leads the Global Cities Education Network (GCEN), a network of international cities focused on best practice sharing in education. She speaks and writes regularly on global education, including as the former host of Education Week’s Global Learning blog.

Our discussion will focus on the resources provided by the Center for Global Education at the Asia Society. COVID has made clear how interconnected we are with the world and has changed the way we work forever. To take advantage of global market opportunities, companies want employees with the knowledge and skills to work across cultures. It is important for educators to understand these connections and the benefits that having the skills of global competence can bring to students to help them not only get a job but climb the ladder of their chosen career pathway. The Center for Global Education has been creating free teaching tools, including student-focused modules and assignments, that can be utilized in the classroom.

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