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Actionable Innovations Global is a professional learning community where participants explore innovation in education. Every Friday, we meet to discuss trends in education and invite inspiring guests to join us and share their work. Parents, educators, students, and others interested in improving teaching and learning are always welcome.

Join us on Friday, February 17th, for an Actionable Innovations Conversation with Aaron Schorn of Unrulr. Aaron will speak to the power of having learners capture their process, reflections, and product creation. How through evidence, programs can build transparency/trust and create greater impact. Aaron will showcase the social learning app Unrulr and speak about other tools and tactics that allow learners to document/share and tell the story of their process, skills growth, and outcomes. This is a conversation about empowering learners of all age groups to go from passive to active in their learning journey.

Aaron is a father, teacher, and learner. Aaron is Head of Growth and Learning at Unrulr, where he works to make learning visible and joyful. He is also a teacher, program director, and co-designer of student-agency-driven learning communities around the globe. His work is focused on apprenticeship, craftsmanship, storytelling, and providing youth with the space, time, resources, and methodologies to turn their ideas into iterative realities. Aaron's professional background includes education, international business, digital storytelling, and operations/management. At the Nalukai Foundation, Aaron creates and implements entrepreneurship schema and curriculum rooted in culture, hustles to find mentors, and waxes poetic on authentic storytelling. Aaron was also the former K-12 Capstone Coordinator at HPA on Hawai'i Island. Read more about his journey in this Getting Smart article.

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