Wednesday, November 15th, is day three of the eighth annual Global Education Conference. We are ready for another great day of sessions and keynotes!


Responses to Tuesday's Sessions:
  • "This was a wonderful opportuntity to share and connect. So grateful."
  • "A wonderful event that brings together people from around the globe."
  • "Great concept. Really appreciate the 24/7 format. Whenever I have 20+ minutes, I check in to any session that is on. Some very pleasant surprises 'picking' sessions this way." 
  • "Thank you for this lovely session =)"
  • "I plan on using this in my classroom."
  • "Very informative. Great!"
  • "My Middle School class was participating with me to see how to interact and learn on Eluminate Blackboard. Very cool!  I want to present next year!"
  • "This was great. I will be watching it a second time when I'm not interrupted by my young students! First time attending. So far it is wonderful."
  • "I am always inspired by so many different aspects of this conference. The way it all comes together seamlessly. The array of great ideas and different types of educators. Thanks!"
  • "GEC is a wonderful way to engage with global educators around the world to learn, network and create partnerships."
  • "Great job by the moderators! There was both live audio and chat from participants to coordinate. They both did an excellent job of filtering and responding."
  • "So many great tools shared for global collaboration."
  • "Really enjoy being part of this."
  • "Really awesome!"

The list of today's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below. To see the the full conference schedule in your own time zone, with the direct links to session rooms, REGISTER NOW (free)--or, if registered, check your conference email confirmation. 

Want to volunteer to help moderate sessions? It's not too late! Sign up and information here. It's a ton of fun, you'll be doing some good, and you'll have the undying gratitude of the conference organizers!

Wednesday, November 15th
(US-Eastern Time)
12:00 am
  • Curriculum is the most important 'C' word in Global Projects! - Christine Trimnell
1:00 am
  • Let's Talk Global Education - Anne Mirtschin
4:00 am
  • Globally Responsive Teaching Practice: Overcoming Social Disparities - Sajdah Ali George
  • Why and How Collaborative Projects Work Best according to the Mind, Brain, and Education Science - André Hedlund
6:00 am
  • KEYNOTE: Kevin Crouch, Director of Technology Services, Consilience Learning
7:00 am
  • Digging Beneath the Fs for Deeper Global Learning - Jennifer D. Klein
  • Hello Little World Skypers - the Continuing Adventures - Anne Mirtschin, Presenters from across the world (names to be added closer to the time)
8:00 am
  • A World of #CollaborativePD: Build Your Global PLN Twitter Chat - Dr. Jennifer Williams, Brad Spirrison
  • How to Globally Mobilize High School Students to Actualize the United Nations SDGs. - Linda Flannelly, Ralph Viggiano, Megan Scharf, Pete Robinson, Ann Michelsen, Kristian Otterstad Andresen, the students at Lindenhurst and Sandvika High School
  • Student conversation on World Religions - Sean Terwilliger and Tica Simpson
  • Teaching the SDGs through experiential and service learning - Caroline Weeks, Liz Radzicki, Kimm Murfitt
9:00 am
  • Virtual Exchanges: Harnessing Technology to Build Global Competencies and Increase Mutual Understanding Among International Youth - Katherine Hanson
  • Integration of Global Outdoors Learning Blogs, TED Ed Lessons and Global Goals in Management Courses (In Spanish) - Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche
10:00 am
  • KEYNOTE: Maggie Mitchell Salem, Executive Director, QFI | Jennie Niles, Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) in Washington, DC | Alan Mather, Chief Officer of the Office of College and Career Success
11:00 am
  • Beyond Our Borders: Fostering Global Competency Through Student Travel and Virtual Exchanges - Cynthia Derrane, Jennifer Orlinski
  • Global Collaboration Provides Diverse Perspective for UN Sustainable Development Goals - Donna Roman, Hassan Hassan, Jen Sherman, Maire O’Keefe, Katrina Viloria
  • Student conversation on Gender and Ethics - Sean Terwilliger and Deborah Glymph
  • Teens Dream: A global video contest for teens to express their dreams as they relate to one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Linda Staheli
12:00 pm
  • Food Rescue through a High School - Toni Olivieri-Barton, Colorado Springs Food Rescue
  • Promoting Internationalism In Teaching And Preparing Global Citizens Through Exchange Projects: Different But The Same Project As An Example - Mr. Omar Titki
1:00 pm
  • KEYNOTE: Liam Wegimont, Chairperson, GENE
2:00 pm
  • Children's Literature, Math, and Global Connections - Oh My! - Glenna Gustafson, Pre-service educators in the Teaching and Learning Mathematics
  • Intercultural Competence For Educators: What's In It For Me? - Dr. Whitney Sherman
  • The power of case studies - Anne Fox
  • What's a Crankie?? Using Creative Story Exchanges to Build Global Competence and Connect Students Across Borders - Cora Bresciano, Susan Gay Hyatt
3:00 pm
  • Deep Learning - A Global Perspective - Tom D'Amico
  • Rainwater catchment and Practivism - Lonny Grafman
4:00 pm
  • KEYNOTE: Pam Moran + Ira Socol
5:00 pm
  • Citizen Science: A Global Conservation Effort - Lindsay Glasner, Kelly Schaeffer
  • Developing Global Competencies in Teacher Education through Transdisciplinary and Translational Research - Melda N. Yildiz. TBA
  • Enhancing Intercultural Communication through an International Film Club - Helaine W. Marshall
  • Fostering Global Citizenship Through Literature and Art - Nadia Kalman
6:00 pm
  • Cosmopolitan Project Based Learning - Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals in PBL - Craig Perrier
  • Global Scholar Diploma at the High School Level - Toni Olivieri-Barton
  • How to increase global competency in students: A research-based discussion with Empatico - Chelsea Donaldson, Angela Jo, Travis Hardy
  • Kings of Collaboration - Jan Zanetis,Sean Forde, Ralph Krauss, Peter Paccone
8:00 pm
  • Global Mentors Project: Connecting Student Teachers with Mentors from Around the World - Terry Smith
  • How to create inclusion and shared power in virtual exchange partnerships. - Jack Haskell
  • One Truth and a Million Truths: Teaching History in a Globalizing World - Nayun Eom, Dr. Marty Sleeper
9:00 pm
  • Earth Charter in Education - Dr. Valerie Schmitz, Dr. Mary Ann Kahl
  • Invitation to World Literature - Arthur R. Smith
  • Secrets to Successful Global Collaboration in Higher Education - Leigh Zeitz, Ph.D., David Stoloff, Ph.D.
11:00 pm
  • Global Collaboration: Connect Your Kids to the World - Leigh Zeitz, Ph.D., Ping Gao, Ph.D., Magda Galloway
  • Global PBL in the Digital Age - Brad Bielawski
  • High School Global Issues Class as a Springboard for Creating Young Activists - Adam Carter
  • Tips for starting your own DIY Global Youth Summit - Tara Kajtaniak

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