Asheville, NC

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Classroom 2.0 / The Learning Revolution

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parent, for profit employee, consultant, other, entrepreneur



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Co-founder of the conference!

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  • Steve - where do we sign up to be volunteer helpers for sessions? -- Terry

  • Hi Steve,

    I need to  email you to make changes in my session information. However, it seems I need to add you as a friend first. Please look out for my friend request.

  • I am following the great conference on line about global education; it is  a pity that I am working as a teacher because  the  sessions are great and  sharing experiences are great, I am in the middle of the terms so  I follow the sessions in the afternoon and later at night ( recordings) I am going to write about it in my blog on line - I am doing a MOOC on line about education and the new technologies and changes and I feel that I will have to write a lot about what  teachers are doing.  thanks a lot for this great experience on line.  I am looking forward to viewing more  projects


  • Quick question for you Steve: We are presenting "Infusing Global and Technology Education into Teacher Education" - should be scheduled for November 20th, Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. CST but don't see it in the schedule. Please let me know if you are still working on the schedule or if we were missed from the schedule.


    Eva Brown

  • Steve, Congratulations about GlobalEdCon. Great job!!! And Congratulations to all the team.

    Best regards

  • Hi Steve, there are no words to express my gratitude to have been part of so creative, innovative and change-oriented global company! It was an experience that can not be matched by anything so far. Thank you!

  • Thank you, Steve, for making this on-line conference a reality!  Your patience is astounding - training everybody, uploading people's slides at the last moment, repeating directions over and over, and for connecting me with Govinda in Nepal!  I couldn't believe that my skype rang for the first time since I was in India this summer!  He is a sweetheart and we will collaborate when I take over for an ELL teacher who is on maternity leave in Newton, MA.  for four months.  (Retirement has made me crazy!  I need to work).  When I taught in Brookline, MA, I felt very isolated in my school; I was global by myself while others were teaching literacy, science, and math.  Integration was the way I was trained and I felt very frustrated at the end of my career when most of the talk was about data and test scores.  My second home is Primary Source in Watertown, MA.  It is clear that global education is my passion.  This conference has helped me become connected, and I have enjoyed every second of every presentation I tuned into!  At least retirement afforded me the opportunity to be on-line most of the conference.  Again, thank you so much for bringing so many people in the world together at this conference.  I have never met so many caring individuals at one time!  Truly!  Lucy has been a blast in every conference I attended!  What a great pair you make!  Again, thank you Steve!  I even feel comfortable to be a moderator next year, not for newbies, though, in case of glitches I will not be able to fix.  Good luck to your daughter in Nepal.  She walks the walk!  If anyone needs a person to design an integrated curriculum with a global focus at the elementary level, I'm your woman!  

         Thank you again, Steve!

                 Best Always,

               Marcy Prager

  • I have posted on the join...number 2. I hope that is the way I had to do it. Please let me know if that is the correct way to add my proposal



    Mariel Gomez de la Torre

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