I may have mentioned this resource before. I was recently reminded of it and the new resources they have by the following announcement. They have added many new activities including some for whiteboards. Enjoy! I spent a good part of a day going through their resources and sharing them with others. I look forward to incorporating some of the activities into teacher workshops. Diane Oxfam's curriculum for Global Citizenship http://www.oxfam.org.uk/education/gc/curriculum/ A curriculum outlining the knowledge, skills, values and attitiudes which we believe young people are entitled in order to enable them to develop as Global Citizens. Developed in partnership with teachers and other educationalists, this curriculum builds on existing good practice and recommends the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to which we believe young people are entitled to enable them to develop as Global Citizens. Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools is a free booklet for teachers that introduces the key elements of Oxfam's Curriculum for Global Citizenship (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes), as well as providing case studies outlining best practice in the classroom, examples of appropriate teaching approaches, and resources for further reading. It highlights the importance of Education for Global Citizenship (E4GC) for pupils growing up in the 21st century, and clearly sets out how teachers can incorporate E4GC in their teaching and across their school. It’s a highly practical booklet, providing teachers with: activities to explore what E4GC means case studies of schools that have integrated E4GC across their curriculum and ethos, and the benefits this has brought to their pupils a number of E4GC activities that can be adapted for use in many curriculum areas, with a wide range of age groups and ability levels a resource list, including where to find more information about E4GC. mailto:education@oxfam.org.uk

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