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Hi All - I ran across a post in Google's official blog about their literacy project. It seems to be promoting something called World Book Day, but it's unclear to me when that actually takes place. Several worthwhile partner projects/organizations are listed, and a couple caught my eye. Specifically, materials from CAST and the Digital Hero Book project like they were worth checking out further. Post here if you have experience or knowledge of the groups mentioned in this pages on literacy!

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  • Hi Lucy,

    My institute, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning was a partner of Google Literacy Project. As the link is broken, it's probably discontinued. I'd like to draw your attention to the LITCAM It's an annual event focusing on literacy held during the Frankfurt Book Fair. They've had many good presentations in the past.


    • Co-Chair

      Hi Rika -

      Thanks for the link. If you are interested in literacy, you should check out the work of Pam Allyn and LitWorld. She was a keynote for this year's conference, and it's listed in the recordings for the conference. 

      Also, we'd love to get UNESCO involved with what we do... let me know if you had some ideas on how we can do that!



  • Thanks for the info Lucy. I did find UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day which is April 23, today!

    For teachers looking for children's books from around the world I would like to recommend the International Children's Digital Library. It is a free resource with over 1300 titles.
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