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Overview: What historical event, explorer, voyage, or local history would you like to share with other schools? Have you studied the settlement history of your own community? Have you studied about your state or country and historical events that helped shape it? Have your students done reports on famous explorers, early settlers, World leaders, natural disasters, etc? This project is designed so you can use Google's tools for educational projects. Projects can take different forms:
  1. Learning tools as your students learn about historical events and work collaboratively.
  2. Lessons for other teachers and students to use as they access your projects, which you've designed as learning lessons.
  3. Final products, in which you showcase what your students have learned from a unit on historical events.
This project is dedicated to the explorers, voyages, events, and historical backgrounds of countries throughout the World. We'd like to hear about famous explorers who surveyed or traveled through your community long ago. Perhaps you'd like to tell us about historical events that shaped your locale or region. You may wish to report about a catastrophic event in your area. Or, you may want to tell us how your community was founded, its historical background, early settlers. Every community, every town, every country has a past, and we'd like to hear about yours. This project is open to schools all over the World. We invite a "global community" of schools to share this site with us. We can learn about each other's countries as we contribute to this site. For more information, please visit the Portal Page, "Google Historical Voyages and Events."
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