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The Global Learning for an Open World Conference Call for Proposals is open and rolling acceptances start August 15th! Submit your session proposal early to access our booking calendar for the conference and choose your ideal presentation time slot. 

What types of proposals are ideal for the GLOW Conference? Here are some questions to consider when designing your proposals. 

  • How can we prepare students and educators to be engaged citizens of the world? Drawing upon definitions of global competence from World Savvy, the Asia Society, and the OECD, sessions should focus on topics related to the skills, values, and habits of mind that prepare students and educators to thrive in a more diverse, interconnected world.

  • What activities, projects, and initiatives will help educators and students develop connections, competencies, and creative skills?
    Remember that our conference theme is developing connections, competencies, and creativity. 

  • What does innovation in education look like around the world?
    Consider submitting proposals that showcase innovative best practices in education. Let’s inspire others with stories about bold and creative initiatives.

  • How do formal and informal learning institutions incorporate lessons from the global pandemic?
    Think about submitting proposals that help others debrief about the impact of the pandemic on educational ecosystems.

  • How can organizations tackle challenges that exist in the global education world?
    Our audience includes organization leaders around the world. Consider submitting proposals around strategic planning, policymaking, networking, and other related topics that will help organizations grow and thrive.

Remember, our community is about taking action in education, so proposals are required to provide some actionable advice or an invitation to act. In addition to solo presentations, consider submitting proposals with panel discussions, interviews, and other interactive formats.

If you have events and resources related to global education and innovation, please post details in our online community, and we’ll include this information in our following newsletter.

Thanks for reading,

Lucy Gray





  • The Global Peace Project 2022 is happening. International Day of Peace, September 21st, provides a powerful and inspiring opportunity to engage children and youth in diverse activities related to peace, unity and making a positive difference in their world. Initially produced by Lisa Parisi, Cheryl McCrorey is now organizing this annual event. Details here.
  • Via the Body Shop and the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth: Be Seen, Be Heard is a global campaign to support young people's political participation and amplify young voices in public life. Details here.
  • Via the Melton Foundation: The NOLA Tech Tap Community Ideathon will be held from September 15-17, 2022.  Successful innovation teams will receive recognition and opportunities comprising prize money to activate project ideas; enhanced visibility of proposed initiatives on global platforms; support, mentorship, and guidance from Nisum experts; and a potential chance to join with local community partners. Details here:
  • Via the Stevens Initiative: The Stevens Initiative wants your help capturing data on global virtual exchange programs that took place from fall 2021 through summer 2022. Respond to their 2022 Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field to share more about your virtual exchange program. The survey closes on September 15, 2022, and all questions can be directed to Read more about the survey and how you can participate here.


  • August 17th
    SEL in the Global Classroom (iEARN-USA PD Workshop)
    Learn more here.
  • August 26th
    Making Presentations Pop: An Introduction to Visual Design
    Learn more here.
  • August 31st
    Digital Citizenship in a Globalized World (iEARN-USA PD Workshop)
    Learn more here.
  • September 9th
    World Savvy: Making Classrooms Inclusive, Relevant, and Engaging
    Learn more here.
  • September 10th
    iEARN 101: Preparing for a Global Exchange & Meaningful Online Communication
    Learn more here
  • September 16th
    Let's Talk Global Competence in Education with Heather Singmaster
    Learn more here.

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