Dear Global Education Conference Fans:

It’s with some reluctance that I am announcing that, because of me, we’re having to cancel the 2018 Global Education Conference we have had scheduled for November 12 - 15. While we did have some loyal partners come through with sponsorship offers, ultimately it was not enough to allow me to spend the devoted time that the conference requires. As you can imagine, the technical aspects of the Global Education Conference are somewhat massive and time-consuming.

I am truly sorry. While our funding was uncertain most of the year, we still held out hope. As I work independently and am responsible for my own fundraising, you can imagine how hard a decision this has been.

But this is not the end… it’s just a pause!

Our annual series of Global Ed Events continues on, starting March 15th, 2019, with our annual Global Leadership Summit (now being held in conjunction with ASCD) and then Global Education Day at ISTE. We’re going to work hard to revamp our sponsorship expectations and return in the fall with Global Collaboration Week and then the 2019 Global Education Conference.

I’m now going to have to bury myself into preparations for a new online conference I’ve announced for January 23 - 25, “The Learning Revolution” (previously referred to as which will focus on the impact of technology on teaching and learning. That conference will naturally have good visibility for global ed and global connecting, so hopefully that slightly mitigates the disappointment of canceling the November conference. I'll send an announcement email about that event soon.

We are going to regroup and, starting in the new year, work to build a different financial sponsorship model that depends less on a few, larger funding organizations, and instead provides a sponsorship model with more partners and sponsors at lower dollar amounts.

We wish you the best as 2018 rapidly comes to a close. We care deeply about global, and look forward to figuring out how to do a better job of making a difference in the world of global ed.



Steve Hargadon

Co-Chair, Global Education Conference

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