What for education?Is it to earn money only? Now it seems so as the quality of education is deteriorating at a rapid rate.Education is oriented now not towards creating good human beings/citizens but mainly towards mere materialistic prosperity. As a result, we are confronted with weakening of social system across the world.Values are no longer considered for quality education- they have become redundant. Conflicts and violence are increasing on continuous basis. Education has become unethical business today.Question papers are sold before examination.Mushroom growth of universities by using money power is rampant around the world.Beautiful buildings are constructed( as it is easy) to attract students without having dedicated faculties.Now the trend is to sell good names for education establishments to recruit students with high capitation fees.Such organisers of education have only one motive which is only to grab more money at the cost of quality education.

I hope GEC has to take lead to reverse the present process of education as money-making machines and restore the value of quality education which transform a raw man into a man/professional with all social and humanitarian values who can serve the humanity and the world with full dedication for survival and sustainability of human race.If this is not done now, the doomsday is not far away when the humanity will be wiped out from the planet earth.I have tried to give an awakening call to all conscious world citizens and I hope they listen to the call and wake up to restore quality education.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

Professor of Peace & Ekistics

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