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I want to contribute to Peace Education to all world citizens.You have already made me member of GEC.I desire to be associated with GEC as an Advisor to spread the new knowledge of Peace for creation of pollution-free, violent-free , & sustainable and peaceful world.

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1) Development Peace. 2) Sustainable & Peaceful Habitat Development Project

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    How Global education will be effective in the environment of present global gloom

    I request you to sign the petition "Replace Violent 
    Time with Peace Time" for action by UN in the site http://www.change.org/petition /peacetime.
     We have to incorporate PEACE as a faculty in all sectors of human activities to make Education sustainable.We have to create an environment of PEACE TIME.


  • Hello Prof. As a social studies teacher in the USA it does my heart good to see the people of the Middle Eastand Northern Africa standing up to the despots whose families have raped the wealth of their nations at the expense of the citizens of those nations. If the people would adopt democracy and capitalism they would experience a renaissance. The people need to be educated properly. They need access to small business loans. They need to have a voice in the government. They need to own homes and have a healthy middle class. We are losing the in the USA. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. If our leaders do not begin to change we will have our own revolution, fighting for the same things your people are fighting for, an equal opportunity for a good life for ourselves and our children.
  • Thank your for sharing your work with me.
  • Hello Prof Fani,
    It wolud be great to read your books. However, ordering is not easy for me because I don't have credit card facilities in Cameroon. Where can I have access to some of nyour articles?
  • Dear Prof. Fani,
    I've read some of your contributions to this chat and I have nothing but respect to your words. I'm open, and not only open, but willing to listen more about your proposals. It would be nice to have a skype talk.
    Kindest regards,
    skype: jessica.annel
  • Hello Prof. Fani, I have a cross-cultural project with a colleague and we're seeking for 9th & 11th graders to collaborate. It's all focused on global awareness and research. Do you know somebody that might be interested in participating?
  • Thank you for your words and request.
  • Thank you for the contact request.
  • Thank you for ur advice. please send me ur two books in order to being able to promote your ideas. Spiritual life is extreming important in everyone' s life. Without that dimension every person is very empty and limited. I wish u my best, Morana
  • Thank you for the advice.
    Jack Strelec
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