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student, teacher, tech coordinator, administrator, consultant

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English A little French - better at translating through reading. A little slower at speaking and writing. A little Te Reo Maori.

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I want to become more involved in Global Education and explore the limitless possibilities for creating a global community with my students and other teachers. I want them to be aware of what is going on in the wider world and the part they have to play as global digital citizens.

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

I was a Regional Chair (Australasia) for GEDCON 2010 and absolutely loved the experience. For various reasons I was unable to be involved in 2012 but I'm looking forward to being more fully involved this year. My class and I have also used the epals network to learn about other places, people, cultures and schools.

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  • Hi Justine,

    I am happy to be your virtual friend. 
    It seems, I have heard about you before. :)
    Best wishes,

  • Hi Justine

    I hope you are well - you may have seen me tweet about this, but I thought I would share with you a global student project taking place right now as I thought you would be interested.

    The #world11kids project is part of the UN's ITUWorld Conference taking place in Geneva, Switzerland in a few weeks time.

    We are inviting 10,000 kids from around the world to design solutions to the toughest of world problems and put challenges to the world leaders who will gather at the conference.

    We are looking for schools to get involved and thought you might be able to help.

    You can find out more here http://world2011.us/

    best wishes

    Tom Barrett


  •   I request to sign the petition "Replace Violent Time with Peace Time" for UN to take action in the site http://www.change.org/petition/peacetime so that PEACE prevails in the world.
    Please also ask all your friends in the facebook to sign this petition.
  • International day of Peace- Vow to incorporate Peace Education at all levels
    Posted by Prof. Fani Bhusan Das on September 20, 2010 at 11:56pm
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    Today is September 21- The International day of Peace. In this auspicious day, I urge upon UN,GEC and all world citizens to adopt the following-

    1) UN is urged upon to replace the present Gregorian calendar with the 28 days 13 months moon Peace calendar; the proposal of which is pending with UN for last more than 100 years.This I have fully justified with all logic in my command in my book of "Peace TimeCalendar" published by authorhouse,Bloomington,Indiana,USA.

    2) To improve the QUALITY of Education, introduce PEACE as a subject from play school level to highest level of education to create a violent-free world.

    Only implementation of above two proposals will save the humanity from self-combustion. This is a SOS call to UN,GEC and all humans. I hope they hear it and act to avoid the present process of creative destruction.

    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

    Professor of Peace & Ekistics
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