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I am teacher and consultant from England interesting in inspiring youngsters with and without great educational technology.

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  • Tom - how did the event and follow up go for the 2011 initiative? Anything new happening?

  • Hi Tom. It look like we will miss the timetable from the upcoming event but please incclude us on any international collaborations that are comimg up. I am very intent on making sure my students work with other students from around the world to a global perpective of what is going on in the world. You sound like the kind of person I would like to work with.

    Jack Strelec

  • Hey Tom - thanks for the link and challenge - the SWBA will get on it.
  • Hi Tom. Thanks for thinking of me for this. :-)  I would love to be involved but I'm studying full-time for my Master of Ed at the moment. There may be a chance that I could be involved next term. Just waiting to see what happens.  Fantastic opportunity for people to be involved in. :-)



  • Hi Tom, I'll get the word out about the UN and its ICT's ITU conference with project #world11kids for The Metaconference 2011.

    Thanks for letting us know about this!

  • Hi Tom, thanks for sharing and please give my regards to Ewan. Would love to find a way that Reimagine:Ed and The Lovett School might support this work, though I don't see how we can turn this around in two weeks to meet the conference deadline. Could we discuss this further?
  • Will do. Thanks for hashtag info. Plan to share on Twitter and Google+ as well.
  • Fabulous, Tom. I can see contributions in LOTE as wonderful authentic resources for language learners, even after this event ends.
  • Tom, this sounds amazing!  Thank you for the information.  We will definitely start working on it!
  • Thank you very much, Tom, I will definitely be sharing information on this terrific initiative.


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