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I have been a Social Studies teacher for 17 years and I have taught technology for 12 years. I have started many educational programs in several school districts and I have a graduate certification in Network Administration from Denver Technical College as well as a degree in History from Florida Atlantic University. I am doing this with no corporate affiliation. I am putting together a program called The Global Nation Project for Colorado Springs School District 11, which includes having our students use our distance labs to work with students around the world in collaborative projects involving the topic of Globalization. Our students would use technology to teach each other about the uniqueness of their regions geography, history, economy, and other pertinent areas. In an age where instant communication with people all over the world has become a common event we still have misunderstandings between us that impede our ability to have an honest open dialogue. We teachers have a responsibility to instill in our students the desire and ability to appreciate the uniqueness of the cultures of the world. Could you put me in touch with other teachers that would be interested in this undertaking? Come visit my website and add your comments, pictures, and videos on the topic of Globalization. Your contributions will be part of the unit we are creating. Please take a moment and tell us what you think about the subject in the FORUM or BLOG area. Thank you so much for contributing to this venture.

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Collaborative education on the topic of Globalization. I work on many NING sites including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and others. I recently traveled to Bangladesh to teach teachers how to use computers in the classroom.

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  • Hullo Jack thank you somuch for your innovation am kasujja muhamed l live in Uganda l really liked your profile l started local organisation International Schools Partnership alocal organisation to help local schools both in rural,village and urban communities collaborate with other schools education development projects, l would like to work with you jack on this projects our local schools will be interested to join your program.I welcome you jack in uganda and also your students one day to visit our local schools for intercutltural exchange programs.Jack I look forward here from you, you can also visit facebook page:kasujja muhamed.authormuhamed@yahoo.com

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  • U r welcome Jack, Greetings from AL AWAEL school in Algeria
  • Hi Jack

    I thought I would share with you a global student project taking place right now as I thought you would be interested.

    The #world11kids project is part of the UN's ITUWorld Conference taking place in Geneva, Switzerland in a few weeks time.

    We are inviting 10,000 kids from around the world to design solutions to the toughest of world problems and put challenges to the world leaders who will gather at the conference.

    We are looking for schools to get involved and thought you might be able to help.

    You can find out more here http://world2011.us/

    best wishes

    Tom Barrett


  •   I request to sign the petition "Replace Violent Time with Peace Time" for UN to take action in the site http://www.change.org/petition/peacetime so that PEACE prevails in the world.
    Please also ask all your friends in the facebook to sign this petition.
  • Please consider introducing Peace as a subject in your school curriculum.I can contribute to Peace Education through e-learning process. I have the conviction that only with Peace Education, you can build a culture of humanity that will support all kinds of human activities to promote prosperity with Peace and not with violence-which is the current trend now.
  • Now there is a silver lining-Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain has come out with the TRUTH that POOR PARENTING IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RIOT AND ALL KIND OF VIOLENCE-Parents donot care where their children are or who they are with, let alone what they are doing.It is the crux of the problem of this generation which will affect future generations.Stronger sense of morality and PEACE need to be restored.Cameron has spoken now what we have been advocating for last few decades.Any country economy will be vibrant if PARENTING is improved through PEACE EDUCATION from WOMB TO TOMB.This is a strong message to all global leaders
  • Yes, I  fully agree with Jack.Proper education is needed.I have today written a blog in GEC which highlights your thoughts under the title "Teachable Education for survival of mankind on the earth". Kindly peruse the same and give your comments.

    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

  • As a social studies teacher, I donot know how you view the present social global disorder. I will be obliged if you kindly enlighten me with your ideas- starting from individual, family, community, society, nations and the globall.
  • Hi Jack! That's a great job you are doing with kids!  I hope my Global Thinking Development course will be useful for you guys!
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