Every picture has a million questions

This simple collaborative project is based on the children using a photograph to ask as many questions as possible through maths. Every two weeks there will be a new photograph shared . Over the first week the children are encourged to come up with as many mathematical questions as possible relating to the photo. Over the following week the children in the project (so far schools in UK, Turkey and Romania) try to nswer all of the questions poised. This is such an easy project because any age group can join in and the children are getting to recognise the importance of maths in their lives. If yu are interested it would be great to hear from you. Patrick Carroll

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  • Yes I am interested. Have K-5 students. My only question is do the students need accounts to participate.


    • Dear Rita,

      Thank you for your interest. In response to your question- no the children do not need to have accounts because i just show them the photograph, they come up with the questions and then we post these questions online for everyone to look at.

      Best wishes Paddy

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