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  • I wonder if what I am doing will interest anyone in this group?
    I am concerned about the loss of the history of art and architecture in the schools. Rather than complain I am creating an on line course in the history of art and architecture around the world. I think you might find the site useful and in January I will be writing grant proposals to fund teachers to help me develop the site into the modern world.

    You will find the course at

    Please let me know how you use the information so I can include your ideas in the grant proposal.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Katherine Bolman, PhD
    • Hello Katherine,

      I am really excited to learn more about your project. I teach World history to sophomores and seniors at St. Paul Academy in St. Paul Minnesota. I have recently developed a BRIICS online classroom using a ning to learn about the emerging societies. My seniors will collaborate with other schools to discuss the impact of globalization on these societies. I have used architecture to study the historical past particular in the 10th grade unit on the Islamic Empires. I am particularly fascinated by historical interpretation of architecture.

      Please let me know how I can be involved?


      Sushmita Hodges (Phd.)
    • Thanks Katherine.

      I welcome you to post your curricula on Curriki as I know that many others would benefit from it. I have posted my literacy blog and other content on the site and continue to get large amounts of traffic from Curriki.

      As for getting grants to fund curricula development, we do a lot of that at Curriki. In fact our Summer of Content awards were funded by grants--a project I managed the implementation of. If you email me specific questions, I am happy to share thoughts and feedback based on my experience working with online curricula development.

      Looking forward to connecting!
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