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Hindi, Bengali and English



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Native of New Delhi India. Phd in Social Science with double major in World and U.S. History. Areas of interest and collaboration with countries of the non-western world. Lived and taught in the United States for 20 years.

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Over the past two years been involved in Global Challenge 20/20 projects sponsored by NAIS. Check out the two wikis which were the end products. I have gained confidence in collaborating on global projects with international schools and I am looking forward to working next year on partnering with schools from the 5 BRIICS countries on the project about Emerging nations. I also have the expertise of our new technology integrationist who will be working with me on the project. Our school is also going on a 1-1 laptop initiative. http://spa-asbglobalchallenge2020.wikispaces.com/ http:bsispaglobalchallenge.wikispaces.com/ Preparing to work on BRIICS collaboration to study emerging nations

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  • Dear Sushmita,

    First I need to apologize for never getting back to you last spring. Somehow or another participating in this Ning fell off my radar completely. I would love to work on something collaborative this year. We are about to look at the world in the 12th-14 centuries but will quickly after October be heading into the interconnected world of the 15th and 16 centuries. I would be very interested in collaborating.

    My students are 11th and 12th graders. I only have 8 in my section this year.


    Let me know.



  • Hi Sushmita,

    Its great to interact with someone with the same name,thanks for your message. The Std 6&7 students worked on a project about the changes that take place in a country when people of another area migrates and settles in a another country, eg. what changes have been seen and felt in India after the Aryans, Mongols, Mughala and Europeans settled in India-- Chanes in architecture, clothes, food etc. This we did with India, U.A.E. and U.S.A. as we felt these countries have gone through major  changes.The response was good, students presented the project on charts with info and pictures, models of architecture and small skits. The whole project was really enjoyable, it was presented to the whole of the Secondary Section  ie. to students upto Std 10.May be you can try it out with your students too. It generates interest in the subject and they learn a lot.

    Do keep in touch.

    Susmita Bagchi

  • Hi, Sushmita,

    Here's the signin info for today's webinar.

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  • Impressed by the work you are doing............would definitely want to contribute in any of the projects................
  • Hi Sushmita,
    We have great pleasure in participating in this project.
    I have history teachers who wish to develop the project. Our school has an elementary and middle. Our network is hhtp: cesecweb.ning.com
    Do us a visit.
    What is necessary for us to begin planning the project?
    I hope you can understand my English.
  • Hi Sushmita,
    My email is kelly@worldsavvy.org - thanks for letting me know about your ning and the BRIC project - sounds interesting. In addition, World Savvy has an academic program for youth in Minneapolis-St. Paul that might be of interest to you, and a good supplement to this project. See more here on our website: http://worldsavvy.org/minneapolis/

  • Hi Suhimita,
    I teach Freire's theory in a very interactive way to my college and high school students through movies and the theatre of the oppressed. I have adapted it to suit the 12-21 age group and use it extensively in my residential peace camps which we do internationally. Have a look at our website www.multiculturalvillage.org and see how we use experiential learning, service learning and dialogue for freedom from oppression.

    Let me know how I may help.

  • www.nederburgvirtualschool.org
    The lady is Nathima she is a CAT teacher (IT) but brilliant I gave her access to the interactive virtual classroom site. New Orleans Secondary (You pronounce her name as Nazima)
    Nathima Adams
    Skool; 021 8620900
    Sel 0723946217

    I can if you like, gave you access on the site. Take a look at it and let me know. I need subject experts from various fields to assist me.
  • Will be possible I am doing my utmost best to get more schools and specialist involve on my Interactive site, I might have a school for you perhaps can get a few Varsity guys involve too would love to assist you.

    Kindest Regards
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