Moon Over Us for ages 13-16

Hi,  I run a project called Moon Over Us for several different age groups.  This year one of the teachers from India asked if she could be partnered with a class from the USA that speaks English. 

These are middle school students ages 13-16.  If you are interested in having your class learn about the moon through images, stories, music and art and your students speak English, please let me know.

Thank you,

Bonnie Thurber

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  • If you are interested please join us this Sunday at 15.00 CDT.  Meetings are usually Saturday at 15.00 CDT but this Saturday I have a kidlink board meeting i need to attend.  

    The Zoom link for the meeting is   looking forward to meeting leaders of students. 


    Bonnie Thurber

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  • Thank you for your answer.  I will try to send you more mail tomorrow. 

  • HI Bonnie,

    I'd love to hear more about Moon Over Us, and see if there might be some connections with partnering students for the Global Classroom Project in Fairfax, VA.  Will send you a message. 

    • We have had lots of kids go through the moon over us for ages 8-12 and 13-16.   It will start again in the second week of Jan.  Adults and students need to be registered.  I think for 2023, we will do it in spacEdge.Academy again because i have not made time to comlete all the badges, etc in iSTEAM.Academy.  They could not copy over.


      I have had many Indian students to through the projects in the last few years.  Uganda and eastern eurpean countries have also go through the project.  I had a group from chile start it but they started late so I will ask them to start again in Jan.  I ususally meet with mentors, teachers and after school leaders on Saturday at 9 am ct and sunday at 9 am ct to answer queestions and keep everyone up to speed.  The older students do more analysis than the younger students.   Everyone needs a login and password to get full benefit of the project.  You can see the 2 projects by going to and use the drop down menus to have a look and go through the projects.  You can only do teh stuff to contribute if you have a login and password.      I would enjoy seeing you there to take a look.  I think this saturday at 9 am ct, I should be up to giving you a tour.  right now I have a bad head cold.  Again, please create an account for you on  I will approve it if it is filled out completely.   Thank you, Bonnie Thurber.. let me know what you decide to do.    Oh, we use padlet for posting student work.  each mentor builds their own padlet.  students coment and have discussions on the padlets. Here is an example:  All the padlets on this page a linked to other padlets.  click on an image and it will generally take you to a classroom padlet.

      We generally use smartphones to take images of the moon until we get half way through the advanced class. The advanced class also uses remote telescopes with simple instructions that we go through on Saturday and sunday. There is more but i hope this helps.



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