Vernon Hills, IL

School or Organization:


I am a:

consultant, other, entrepreneur

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icollaboratory, bbt521

Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

The iSTEAM Academy is an Internet space where students from a wide variety of countries create, share, and comment on each other’s work as well as collect data and do research on all kinds of topics. Students with a multitude of gifts and those with special needs learn from each other as they participate in numerous activities. All kinds of social boundaries break away when students participate in classroom-based cyber-learning and educationally focused social networking. 

i= International/ Internet/ Imagination 
S= Science/ SocialAwareness
T= Technology/ TeamSpirit
E= Engineering/ Enthusiasm
A= Astronomy/ Arts
M= Mathematics/ Music


Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

The Moon Over Us (6 projects), International Poetry Month; Global Hands-on Universe; Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP); Kidlink Organization.