I am a teacher in Sydney, Australia.  I have been planning a project on modern slavery for a Year 10 class and would love to connect with any Year 9-11 classes on this issue.  It is not a big project.  It would only take about six lessons.  However, I am keen to do it at the start of September.  Students will investigate modern slavery in their region, share what they find and take action to arrest the continuation of slavery.  If you email me (rford@sacs.nsw.edu.au) I could send you some more information.  I have been working on a site and it should go live next week.   I will post a link to the site soon.

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  • Hello Richard,


    I teach World history at St. Paul Academy to 10th graders and we cover the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and other forms of labor exploitation. I would love to see your syllabus on the topic for next year. It would be wonderful to have our classes collaborate with your students on this relevant topic in the modern period.




    • Hi Sushmita,


      Good to hear from you. I ran the project last year at www.globalnetyouth.org. These last few days I have been at a conference in China and have been working with a few other teachers to make it even better this year. You can see some of our planning going on at http://conference2011.flatclassroomproject.org/UNCHAINING+DREAMS


      If you send me an email then I will send you some more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.






      • I just spoke with my teaching partner and we would like to investigate this collaborative opportunity for Sept. 2011. My email address is shodges@spa.edu

        Looking forward to hearing from you.




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