Kailua, Hawaii

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teacher, parent



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I am interested in using technology to augment global education

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  • Hi Amy,

    I'm an historian out here in Virginia.  I'm a history/cultural research analyst and teach part-time. I am a big fan of your work and show your videos in my college classes. You are getting a growing fan base out here on the East Coast at Northern Virginia Community College. At your convenience there are a few quick questions I have on behalf of my current classes.  Take care and thanks for your work!


  • Co-Chair

    Hi Amy -


    Congrats on being featured on the Answer Sheet. I just stumbled upon the article! Great work!


    Lucy Gray

  • Has your school signed up for IB virtual community yet? (IBvc) It's free for IB teachers, students and alumni. See a three-minute video of how this safe social learning network looks: http://bit.ly/IBvideo

    Talk to your school MYP coordinator. Read about it in IB World magazine, Sept. 2010, p. 4-5.

    Go to the site and sign up your school: http://ibo.epals.com.
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