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Technology teacher. Married. I like stuff. Here are examples of the stuff I like: Social media, group psychology, memes, history, design, the science of very small or very big things, education, couches, pecking orders, non-fiction, caffeine, market systems, superoganisms, toast, Twitter, ego, political science, evolution, mint chocolate chip, urban planning, selflessness, DIY culture, Islam, meaning, kids, pop culture, sports, identity, tribes, grapefruits, cities, New York, language. Here is a partial list of things I am still deciding if I like or not: Sci-Fi, user-generated content, Diigo, Foursquare, coffee ice-cream, fiction, Google Chrome, ubuntu, exercise, blip.fm, broccoli raab. Things I am sure that don't like: Intense pain, being robbed, yellow clothing, being sad, genocide, people who drive yellow hummers, ginger.

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Google Map collab- India & USA Collaborative World map GreenBridge Project with schools in Oman & Pakistan GreenBridge Wiki GreenBridge Ning Netiquette Multimedia Collab w/Pakistan: Netiquette Ning PerU.S.A Cultural Exchange: PerU.S.A Voicethread #1 PerU.S.A Voicethread #2 India-USA collaborative original song project: India Music Collab We've also done projects with a school in Hong Kong where the children from each classroom posted video blogs with questions and answers in Mandarin and English for each other to see. We have other projects planned for the future as well, including connecting our school with a school in Brasilia, Brazil and a Neologism project with a Japanese language class in a school in Australia. Looking for a partner school in the Arabic speaking world for a project involving George Orwell's Animal Farm and Twitter. Send me a message if you want to be a part of it!

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  • Hi, I´m willing to cooperate with you, but exactly what do you need-I´ m from Colombia, living a similar situation to the one in Philippines.
    Qrite to me.Thanks.
    Martha Méndez B.
  • I'm interested and willing to collaborate with you on Civil Wars. I'm from Mindanao, Philippines. Civil War is going on here for more than 30 years with almost 1 million dead and counting, but the government refuses to accept that there is civil war.

    Based on the comments below, we can allow our students to interact and perhaps interact with you online.
  • Hi George,
    Thanks for your effort to help my students down in Taguatinga-DF-Brazil to interact with yours.
    I hope that next time we can have the suitable equipment to get interaction to happen properly.

  • Hi George,
    Thanks for extending a hand of friendship.
    I see that you have done a wonderful work. I would love to associate. I work in areas of entreprenership development and economics and i am located in India.
  • Hi George, Thanks for the friendship.
  • Hi George,
    I´m new in this network. I´m from Brazil, and I work directely with iEARN using collaborative learning projects with my students of English from a public school.
    I´m glad to accept your invitation.
  • hi George,
    i have sent an invitation to an event i hope would attract other members of the The Global Education Collaborative. please assist me in sending it to other members of this group. thanks
  • Hi George!
    LOL, my husband also gets along great with my parents. Chicken Adobo is chicken that's been boiled in garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and bay leaf. It's great with white rice. One of my favorites.
    Thanks for reminding me about the fight - my husband really wants to see it!
    My husband is Jewish - it's so interesting to learn about another culture. My son is going to get the best of both worlds.
    My company offers a lot of Professional Development as well as computer needs. Let me know if you're interested in staff development!
  • Hi George,
    Just taking a peek at your blog/profile. Looks great - you seem to be really involved.

    Curious - where are you a tech director? I am a Professional Developer for Custom Computer Specialists in Suffolk!
  • I teach in the Wantagh School District.
This reply was deleted.