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I'm a music and film enthusiast as well as a trained musician, but lately I've been working on something I think is very important to the future of education.

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  • I see what you're saying about the standards. I can provide a little bit of insight into why things are the way they are.

    The web uses some basic data transfer protocols. These are things like ftp, http (web pages), ssl, smtp (email). They operate through ports that have basic programs running on the other end. In the case of http most servers use a program called apache. Apache will interpret information passed to it much more dynamically than any of the other protocols. As a result you end up with a massive number of "standards" that develop. It was sort of inevitable for the net to turn into a mess because of this. it's interesting to note that mail and http are the only protocols that turned into an uncontrollable mess for one reason or another. It's probably becuase they're the ones that get used.

    I think everything should basically feel like email on the web, as far as creating and distributing content. It should all look, feel, and work in a way that requires minimal technical understanding. I don't think this is the way wikis and blogs work, however, some social networks do to a limited degree. I think you'll find that's how we're trying to make christonium.
  • Thanks for the message, Jared. I've read most of what's on the web and am pretty familiar with OLPC. Their current plan is mostly to let countries and schools develop their own stuff, but I think they're also planning to include a bunch of Wikimedia stuff.

    Your tool sounds interesting. There are so many tools out there...wikis, nings, Open Courseware, Curriki's stuff, Zublisher, etc. It would be nice if everyone could standardize a bit more, say on something XML-based.
  • This should work to get at the music and movie reviews:

  • Hi
    I can't find the link that you refered to re film reviews.
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